LETTER: Democracy will bring back Jones

CHRIS Osborne (“A democracy, Mr Jones” Letters 10/10) is quite right when he makes the point that product boycotts are legitimate forms of protest.

But what is not legitimate protest is the abuse and harassment of sponsors, particularly smaller businesses, that advertise on the Alan Jones program.

This starts to bring the protesters down to Jones’s level and does nothing for sensible protest.

The problem is that nothing will stop Alan Jones, other than his listeners turning him off.

Unfortunately, I suspect most people protesting at Mr Jones’s behaviour do not, and never have, listened to him.

Unless and until listeners turn off in sufficient numbers, the sponsors will return and he will continue the same awful behaviour and nothing very much will have changed.

Ratings will determine his fate and I fear his ratings will not suffer much and may, perversely, improve.

Whilst there might be a silent majority against Mr Jones, I think his rusted-on listeners will stick by him and sponsors will soon realise there are just too many of them to ignore.

Another example of democracy at work.